The young man who molested the student was arrested.

The driver who harassed the female student has been apprehended by the police at Kottiyam Junction. The accused, identified as Junaid Khan (31), son of Abdul Rahman Mansil, was driving the vehicle in which the female student, who was a school student, had boarded. He continuously sent messages to the girl's mobile phone, making indecent proposals and continued to harass her. When she reached Eranakulam for higher education, he followed her there and, along with others, intimidated her and took her to a lodge where she was further harassed. The girl, who returned home, continued to face harassment, leading her to share the matter with the parents of Kottiyam. The perants informed the police, who provided assistance as per the instructions of Assistant Commissioner Gopakumar. The police personnel involved in apprehending the accused were Inspector Vinod, SI Shihab, Joy,  cpo Remya, and Praveenchand.