Jurisdiction of Mannanchery Police Station

Jurisdiction 1. Kalavoor (Formerly in Mararikulam South Village) - Kattoor Part Area lying north of the road from Kalvoor Jn to Beach up to Mararikulam Valiya Canal and Thaiyil Beach road, (ie, boundary of Ambalappuzha Taluk)on western side of NH 47 (including NH) 2. Pathirappally (formerly in Mararikulam South village) - Kattoor Part Area lying south of road from Kalavoor Jn to Beach in Kattoor Kara including road up to Pathirappally in to Beach road on western side of NH -47 (including NH) 3. Mannancherry(formerly in Aryad North and South village) - Perunthuruthu up to northern boundary of Ambalappuzha Taluk of east side NH-47(including NH), Mannancherry North Aryad (Eastern side of NH-47(including NH) 4. Komalapuram(formerly in Aryad North and South village) - North Aryad up to southern boundary of Komalapuram village on eastern side of NH-47(including NH) Revenue & Magisterial Jurisdiction Revenue Jurisdiction 1. Tahsildar, Ambalappuzha 2. RDO, Alapuzha 3. District Collector, Alapuzha