Accused in the Cyber case is arrested for defaming a minor television star via Facebook

Iringalakuda Cyber ​​Police Inspector PK Padmarajan and his team have arrested the accused in the case of insulting a popular child actor who was starring in a popular serial on Flowers channel through Facebook. Ali Manzil Jalil's son Al Amin, 23, a native of Kannanelloor in Kollam district, was arrested by the cyber police under the Poxo Act. The accused had been creating a fake Facebook account with the photo and name of the child actor, who has been starring in a popular program on the Flowers channel since 2019, and spreading obscene trolls in the community. These obscene trolls were shared, liked and spread by over five thousand people. Defendant had been posting pictures of the program of female actors in the popular program which was being aired on a popular channel on a fake Facebook page created by the accused with obscene trolls. The State Child Rights Commission had directed the Thiruvananthapuram Cyber ​​Police to take up the matter. Then the Thiruvananthapuram Cyber ​​Police Station registered a case in this regard and transferred the case file to the Thrissur Rural District Cyber ​​Police Station at Iringalakuda for further investigation. A special squad of cyber experts from the district led by Cyber ​​Police Station Inspector PK Padmarajan was formed under the supervision of District Crime Records Bureau DySP Biju Bhaskar on the instructions of District Police Chief G Poonkuzhali to investigate the case. The accused was arrested from Kollam district while the squad members were collecting information from Facebook and internet service providers. The accused had set up a mobile number at another person's address to avoid being caught by the police. Therefore, the police had a hard time identifying the culprit. Checking the fake Facebook page used by the accused, it was found that T-page likes and comments were recorded from many fake Facebook profiles. A team of cyber experts from Iringalakuda Cyber ​​Crime Police Station came to the accused after analyzing a lot of data. He was arrested while taking up residence in various parts of the state to avoid being apprehended by Tiananmen police. The team includes senior CPOs Sunil Kumar TN, Manoj AK, CPOs Ajith Kumar KG, Vipin MS and Shanuh CK & Haseeb KA from Iringalakuda cyber police station was present. Police are collecting information on thousands of people who liked the pornographic Facebook page created by the accused and shared pornographic images. The District police chief G Poonkuzhali said that once the information is received, they will also be prosecuted in the case and strong action will be taken against those who commit such crimes against women and children. The accused was produced in court and remanded