Jurisdiction of Venmony Police Station

Jurisdictional area of Venmony Police Station composed of the entire area of Venmony revenue Village, Kodukulanji Kara of Ala Revenue Village and Cheruvallur, Kadayikkad, Mampra, Kurandippallyssery karas of Cheriyanad Revenue Village.  The Jurisdictional Area spreads over the whole are of Venmony Grama Panchayat, and some part of Cheriyanad Grama Panchayat and Ala Grama Panchayat.  Achankovil River bordered the west, south-west, south and south-east sides of the station area.  Other Police Station limits which boardered are Chengannur PS (North & North-East side), Pandalam P.S (East & South-East), Nooranad and Kurathikad PS ( South side),  Mavelikara P.S (West and South-West).