Kaipamangalam P.S Cr. 696/19 u/s 57 KP ACT alter to 302, 363, 342, 397, 34 IPC case detected and Arrested with in 24 hours of occurrence, 

Kaipamangalam P.S Cr. 445/19 u/s 55 (a)(i) Abkari Act case detected and arrested and seized 100 litter wash and 1 litter arrack.

Kaipamangalam Janamythri Police helped to construct and donate two house, and two houses are in working progress in Kaipamangalam Panchayath limit.  

Kaipamangalam P.S Police Personnel’s are engaged in flood affected area in flood time during day and night and sevral resque operations conducted by Kaipamangalam police after flood they rehabilited the flood affected persons.