Jurisdiction of Kannavam Police Station

The jurisdiction of the Police Station comprises Chittaripramba , a part of Patyam and a part of Kolayad Grama Panchayaths. Station limit is politically very sensitive. Kannavam, Chitariparamba, Cheruvancheri, Vannathimoola, Kottayil, Mudappathur and Thodeekkalam are the sensitive areas where in CPM Workers and BJP Workers are enimity. There are 28 settlement colonies of Tribals within the Station Jurisdiction. Present SI is maintaing good relation with the Tribal communities. Different programmes have been arranged with the support of Local Bodies and Social Organizations. Quarrying is going on Cheruvancheri Village, Edayar and Manantheri area. Action should be taken against the illegal quarrying if any. Velumbath Makham Uroos is one of the major Muslim gatherings in Kannur districts. There is one oldest Siva Temple at Thodeekkalam. There is one famous St. Alphona catholic Church at Kolayad. A part of Industrial Estate at Valiya velicvham is falling within the Station limit. Forest area fall within Kannavam and Kottiyoor Ranges included in the jurisdiction. SI will conduct Tribal Jana Mythri Programme at the vulnerable Tribal areas and make a study on the requirements of those populations. Preventive action to control Political Goondas should be taken. There is one government Teak Auction Depot at Edayar.