The 27 wards of Kodungallur Municipality divided as 8 beats and the same have under the control of one Beat Officer and Asst. Beat Officer. The Beat Officers and Asst. Beat Officers have been trained at PTC TVPM from 12/07/2010 to 28/07/2010. Now Sri. Mukundan, Addl.SI was posted as Community Relation Officer. The 2nd stage of Janamaithri Surakasha Project implemented at Kodungallur Police Station. The official inauguration of the scheme has been conducted on 12.03.2013 by Sri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan the Hon. Home Minister of Kerala in the presence of Municipal Chair person, Inspector General of Police, Thrissur Range and other respected personalities. The 6 wards of Kodungallur Municipality (6 wards of Old Methala panchayath) divided as 3 beats.and the same have under the control of one Beat Officer and  22 Asst. Beat Officers.  The 1st stage Survey of houses in Janamaithri beats have been completed and newly added wards survey have been continuing. 





With an Intention to build up a good disciplined Community the Kerala government started functioning of Students Police cadets. As per Instruction in Kodungallur Government Higher Secondary School SPC officially inaugurated on 5.08.2010,  After that two CPOs deputed in each schools to take classes for them from Kodungallur police station. They are conducting regular classes apart from these classes summer camps and vocation camps are also conducted for them. A group of 85 students are there in  Govt. higher secondary School Kodungallur




In Kodungallur P. S limit there is16 schools having SPG , with 12 members in each unit, these schools also having Traffic Safety Club with 50 members in Higher secondary school, 14 schools SPG are there under SPG Scheme. Inorder to provide education to students SPG groups conducts  traffic awareness classes, Anti- Drug related awareness classes and also checks the Sale of Drugs and supply of contrabands near school premises.





As per Endt. No. G2(b)18357/09/R dated 12-05 2009 of SP Thrissur. Circular no.18/2009 of PHQ dated 27/04/2009 no.31/2009/Home Thiruvananthapuram formed Kadaloragahrthasamithi at Kodungallur Police station with 25 members on 21.05.2009. As per the instruction we are conducting montly meeting and awareness programmes to the local People. We participated in ‘Tritron’, ‘Gemini’ ‘Jagratha’ and ‘Theeravetta’ security programmes. Till now we conducted many lifesaving programmes, coastal security and medical camps with the experts from various fields. Experts from Coast Guard, Navy and Fire force were also participated in those awareness programmes.




Apart from the regular law and order Duties, in Kodungallur police Station, we conducted various social welfare activities. In  station limit under CARE committee,we organized a medical camp for elderly person and distributed medicines.   Both police stations  were  fixed with closed circuit cameras  with the help of NGOS, for detecting anti-social elements and to preventing crime .  “Vanitha Jagratha Samithi”was formed  Kodungallur  police station limit inHigher Secondary Schools & Collages which was inaugurated on 26-07-13. CARE Committee conducted a tour programme for elderly persons in connection with world elderly persons day. During  Onam period celebrations was conducted  in Kodungallur . The 71 th Annual  independent day was celebrated in which 68singers sang Patriotic songs, 71 Flags were hoisted by 71 leadres of various fields, 71 social work organizations units participated, 68 crackers  fired.