Koodal Police Station

The panchayath is kalanjoor There are 20 wards in the panchayath under koodal ps jurisdiction Wards Loksabha and Legislative constituency • Pathanamthitta Loksabha Constituency • Konny Legislative Constituency Important Establishments And Institutions There are 20 govt offices and major of them are • Village Office, Kalangoor • Village Office, Koodal • Village Office, Kalangoor • Grama Panchayath Office, Kalangoor • Krishi Bhavan, Koodal • 110 K.V Sub Station Koodal • KSEB office koodal • BSNL office koodal Educational Institutions:- there are totally 17 in nos and major of them are • IHRD College Kalangoor • GHSS Kalanjoor • GHSS Mancodu • GVHSS Koodal Financial Institutions (Nationalised) • SBI Kalangoor • Central Bank Kalangoor • Federal bank KoodaL Religious Institutions there are totally 23 temples and 37 churches and 6 Mosques and major of them are • Sree Mahadeva Temple Kalangoor • Sree Devi Temple, Koodal • Punnamood Mosque • Padam juma Masgid