Jurisdiction of Kottarakkara Police Station

Kottarakkara Municipality, Vettikkavala, Ummannoor, Neduvathoor, and Mylom Panchayath and Vettikkavala, Ummannoor and Mylom villages are formed the geographical area of this station. The left branch main canal of the Kallada Irrigation Project passes through Sadanandapuram, in this station limit. Father of the famous classical art Kathakali, Sree Kottarakkara Thamburan Memorial museum is situated in this station limit. Important Govt. offices like Mini Civil Station, Court complex, and  Sub Jail are within the limit of Kottarakkara Police Station. Kottarakkara Taluk Head Quarter Hospital is also within the limit of Kottarakkara Police Station. Sadanandapuram Krishi Vigyan Kendra is also within the jurisdiction of this police station. A lot of education institutions including an Engineering College are functioning within the jurisdiction of this Police Station.

Jurisdiction Details:

  1. Kottarakkara Municipality
  2. Neduvathoor Village
  3. Mylom Village,
  4. Vettikkavala Village
  5. Valakom Village
  6. Ummnnoor Village
  7. Melila Village and
  8. Kalayapuram Village

Total Wards- 101

  1. Kottarakkara Municipality- 29 Wards
  2. Ummannoor Panchayat- 20 wards
  3. Mylom Panchayat - 20 wards,
  4.  Neduvathoor Panchayat - 11
  5. Vettikkavala Panchayat -13
  6. Kulakkada Panchayat -2
  7. Melila Panchayat -6

Total Houses – 32673

Total Population- 2.5 lakhs

Hospitals- Near about 35 hospital

Block Offices: Kottarakkara and Vettikkavala

Schools and colleges- Near about 65

Sub Jail-1

Electricity Office- 3