Pothanikad Police Station

The Pothanicad Police Station was formed and opened in the year-1962.Since then it has been functioning in the building situated in 1.05 Acre of land in survey No.854/2 of Pothanicad Village At the time of Opening this Police Station was under the jurisdiction of the Supdt ofPolice Ernakula [R] District of which the present ErnakulamDistrict.At the time of opening Pothanicad ,Varappetty,Kadavoor Paingottoor Villages were included in the Pothanicad Police Station. The Pothanicad police station functioning on 31-01-1962 under the Supdt of Police Ernakulam Rural.The Pothanicad Police station shifted to new building on 05-09-2008 as per the GO.[Rt]No.2790/2008/Home in survey No.858/1-2,858/1-3, of Pothanicad Village.ThePothanicad Police Station situated with in the limits of Kalloorkad Circle Station