THENHIPALAM Police Station

          Thenhipalam Police Station was opened as per Vide Order No. GO(Rt) No. 1632/71/Home/ Dated Trivandrum 12/11/1971 in the rented building of Calicut University in Pallikkal Village. This Police Station is a boarder Police Station. Feroke Police Station in Kozhikode City being the neighbouring Police Station. The station limit includes 4 villages namely Thenhipalam Village, Chelembra Village, Peruvallur Village, Pallikkal Village and 4 Panchayaths namely  Thenhipalam Panchayath, Chelembra Panchayath, Peruvallur Panchayath, Pallikkal Panchayath.  Calicut University is in the  Police Station limit and located adjacent to the  Police Station building. Institute of Engineering and Technology  College  Kohinoor owned by Calicut University  is located  in the Police Station limit. There are 4 higher secondary schools namely  Govt. Higher Secondary School Chelari, Calicut University  Campus  Higher Secondary School, NNM Higher Secondary School, Chelembra, Peruvallur Govt Higher Secondary School are in the station limit. The station is under the supervision of DySP Malappuram. NH 66 is passing through this station limit and it extends from Idimuzhikkal to Chelari.