The laudable police investigation into the theft of 27 laptops

Cr.No.180/2021 u / s 454, 461, 380 IPC. Twenty-seven laptops worth about Rs 756,000 have been stolen from the computer lab at Iritty Higher Secondary School.  The case was reported at the station on 07.05.2021.  On the same day, A Team led by Sub-Inspector Abbas Ali M of Iritty Police Station took over the charge of investigation team comprising of SI(G) K. T Manoj, civil police officers Shoukath and Navas. Then on the second day, the investigation team was able to recover 24 laptops involved in the theft.  Subsequent the dynamic and scientific investigation enabled the recovery of the remaining stolen assets in a few days, And the arrest and prosecution of the accused.  The guidelines of Inspector Rajesh MP, SHO Iritty Police Station in all the stages of the case is also commendable.