The laudable police investigation into the theft of 27 laptops

Cr.No.180/2021 u / s 454, 461, 380 IPC. Twenty-seven laptops worth about Rs 756,000 have been stolen from the computer lab at Iritty Higher Secondary School.  The case was reported at the statio...

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Iritty police handed over Rs 3.65 lakh for vaccine challenge

Forty members of the Iritty police station handed over Rs 3,66,120 to the vaccine challenge.  Irty DySP, Prince Abraham contributed Rs.2000 per month to the Chief Minister's Disaster Relief ...

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Detective Excellence in Iritty Police Station Cr.No.77/17 u/s 174 CrPC altered to Sec. 302 IPC

The unending efforts of the Iritty police personnel make a drastic turn to find out the real culprits in the case in Cr. No. 77/17 U/s 174 CrPC altered to Sec. 302 IPC of Iritty Police Station a...

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