Covid 19 - Helping Hand

During time of uncontrolled spreading of Covid 19 from March onwards in the year 2020, Triple Lock Down was enforced in the entire station limits.  The entire population in the station limits are faced a terrible situation. Lack of Drinking water, medicine, food items, etc., affected the people too much. In that time the police step in to the public and supplied necessary items to the people with the help of various persons and charity institutions and also visited the houses of Covid patients as well as the isolated people continuously and help them to overcome from the pandemic mentally and physically. After the spreading of the Covid the people faced sea turbulence   during month of May and June 2020. In this time also the police helped the people in the Chellanam area by providing drinking water, food, cloths, etc. and also helped to shift them to the relief camps.  After sea water retires from the area, another huge task is the cleaning of houses and changes it to livable. In this time also police helped them with the help of revenue authorities, fire force, charity institutions, etc.

            In the month of April 2021,   the 2nd waves of Covid 19 affected the area with a high Test Positivity Rate. In this time also lock down enforced in the area. Police visited the houses of Covid patients and helped them by supplying water, food, medicine, etc. with the help of local bodies. During the month of May 2021, the entire coastal line in the station limits were affected by a huge sea turbulance and almost all houses in the coastal line flooded in sea water.  Houses were filled with mud and sand. It was a big tasrk to clean the houses. Kannamaly police done all the possible helps to overcome the miserable situation in the coastal area by providing food, drinking water, cleaning materials, etc.