Arrest in Cr 675/22

Six accused arrested by IP SHO Aswith S Karanmayil in Kottakkal Ps Cr 675/22 U/S 22(c), 29(1) of NDPS Act.  with help malappuram DANSAF Team


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Accused Arrest in Cr 278/22

  In between 29.05.2022 14.00 hours and 16.00 hours at Chengottur Akkaparambu, accused persons shot the complainant's cousin, named Inshad @ Sanu, with license-less, country made gun with cr...

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Kottakkal PS Crime. Cr80/2021 U/S 20(b)(II)(B) of NDPS Act

The said police personnel  done a remarkable performance in tracing the vehicle(KL 53 Q 4821 ) involved and accused Sivadasan ,Age 52/21,  S/O   Raman, Karimbanakkal House, Chemmaniyode, Melatto...

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Kottakkal PS Crime.72/2021 U/S 41(1)(d) & 102 CrPC.

Kottakkal  police   done a remarkable performance in the  seizur of 1,53,50,000/-  in connection with the Kottakkal PS Crime.72/2021 U/S  41(1)(d) & 102 CrPC.

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Kottakkal Police Station crime 77/2021, 78/202, 79/2021 U/S 457,461,380 r/w 34 IPC

Kottakkal  police   done a remarkable performance in the apprehension of Mr. Venuganan, Age 48/21, S/O Raghavan,Nechikunnathu House, Malappuram, who is the  accused person in 1). kottakkal Polic...

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