Vellayil Police Station

During the month of October 1990 there was a communal disturbance between Hindus organized under BJP/RSS and Muslim organized under Tippu VicharaVedi/ Muslim League and there has been clashes of damaging of houses of both parties resulting in serious police action and declaration of prohibitory  order under section 144 Cr PC and provision of K.P. Act. The incident broke out on 2-10-90. A section of Muslim youth prevented the sale of fish catched and brought to fish landing centre  Vellayil and their demand was that since October 2 was the Milad-E-shereef(NabiDinam) there was no precedence of market  men due to any religious day of importance. This was objected by Hindu fishermen. The Muslim youths also attacked some of the fish vendors and there was small clash and 4 cases were registered and Police pickets were installed. After three weeks on 24-10-90 some Hindu youths who were returning from a procession organized by BJP in connection with the BharathBandh declared by BJP attacked a small shop and this issue resulted in the attack of houses of both Hindus and Muslims and fish work sheds. 24 cases were registered for damaging houses. The Bangladesh Colony(Santhinagar Colony) situated at West Hill Beach was once a halting places of Drug addicts and anti- socials. Several cases were  registered from this colony at Nadakkave Police Station. Now the anti-socials and Drug addicts were evacuated from the area and Government take initiate and build separate houses for the actual inmates of Colony. After the opening of Vellayil PS on 8-10-2007 the Law and order situation in this area is quiet safe. Considering the earlier disturbances in the Law and order situation in Vellayil area Vellayil Police Station was ordered as per Government Order No,GO(RT)No. 1586/206/Home dtd 12.07.06 Home Dtd. TVM Dtd. 12-7-06 by bifurcating the local jurisdiction  of Nadakkave and Elathur Police Station ,