Fort Kochi Police Station

There are 10 Schools are functioning in Fortkochi Police Station Jurisdiction. 15 Numbers of Government Offices are functioning in the Police Station limit.5 major central government institutions and local 9 govt. intuitions are situated in Fortkochi Police Stations. Two Football ground’s situated at Veli and parade ground in Fortkochi limits. Fortkochi is a heritage zone. There are 8 temples and 6 churches and 6mosque is situated in Fortkochi Police station Limit. Among these St.Francis Church, Santa Cruz Basilica, Karthikeya Temple,Amaravathy Althara Bagavathy Temple are Main worship places and large number of devotees visited these worship places.New year Kochi Carnival and Biennale is the world famous festival in Fortkochi. Large numbers of tourists including foreigners are participating in this festival