KALIKAVU Police Station

As per GO  No. 3578/97 Dtd 30.09.1897 the Police Station started functioning in 30-09-1897. Kalikavu Police Station is situated in survey BC-136, 211/1 Kalikavu Village comprising of 1.99 Acres. As per revenue records the property is “Purmboke”. Police Station is located on the eastern side of Kalikavu – Chazhiyode Public road and the station is about 400 Mtr away from Kalikavu Town
  The people of Kalikavu played some important role in the ‘ Mappila Lahala’ 1921 against British people. . Aspin wall Rubber Estate, which is planted by British. Now the estate owned by Travancore dynasty. The jurisdiction of the Station comprises of the following villages of Nilambur Taluk. Kalikavu, Chokkad and Vellayur villages and Kalikavu Panchayath, Chokkad Panchayath. Important roads are Nilambur- Perumbilavu State Highway, Kalikavu Wandoor Public Road
  Most of these areas are covered by forest and the inhabitants are agriculturists, mostly they are concentrating on plantation crops. This is a Maoist threatening Police Station.
Historical Importance
Mappila Rebellian- 1921-1922
On 21.08.1921 evening rebels lead by Achuthodika Moidu and others attacked the Police station of Karuvarakundu. The SI in charge had this time concealed this station carbanes and taken shelter in Kerala Estate. The gang destroyed the station and the Bungalow there next morning. The gang proceeded to Kalikavu the next day and local leaders Pulath Unniali, Puthanpeedika Kunhahammed, Kizhakkeyil Unneen Haji and others joined the above gang with their followers. They at first attack the Bungalow and toddy shop. Meanwhile a gang from Wanddor joined with the above gang. The all members about five hundred. They advance the OP at Kalikavu and seized the PC 660 Ravunni Nair who was in charge, took away with one MP Sword and battens etc. and they fire to the records and also the building. The gang held the meeting at Kalikavu presided by Kuppanath Muhammed and the meeting decided to murder the Manager of Pullangode Estate Mr. SP Eaton who was unpopular with Estate labour. The gang reached the Pullangode Estate at about 09.00 AM on 22.08.1921. Mr. Eaton run away and hide in Jungle not far from his Bungalow. The rebel search and found him. They hacked him to pieces. His head was cut off and was taken round in procession.
On 14.11.1921 the gang about 3000 Mappilas mostly recruited from Kalikavu Amsam. The chief leader of the gang Variyankunnan Kunhahammed with few followers captured by Inspector Mr. Ramanatha Iyyer and Subedar Mr. K. Krishnapanicker with a small selected parties of police from MSP. The rebels were all put up for trial by DySP Mr. M. Narayanamenon according to the nature of their crimes.