Panangad Police Station

The Panangad Police Station was established on 1990 by bifurcating the stations limits of ET South Police station and Hill Palace Police Station as per the GO Rt No.4088/87/ Home Dtd :5 th November 1987 at Vyttila, ERnakulam The Police Station was thereafter shifted to the Govt.Building No 6/600 F of Nettoor Desom in Kumbalam Village, Kanayannur Taluk (at present location) and started functioning from 5 th August 2000. As such the Govt has notified this in GO (Rt) No.4472/2000/ Home and published in the Kerala Gazette Extraordinary on 14 the Nov.2000. As per the Govt of Kerala GO (Rt).No 605/2013/Home Dtd 7 th March 2013 the limits of Panangad Police Station was bifurcated for setting up of Maradu Police Station.