Peramangalam Police Station formed in 1981. As per the G.O (MS) 33/71/ Home Dated 11.03.1971 in ward 3 of Kaipparambu Grama Panchayat ( In a Private building ). The Police Station commenced functioning in the Government building on 21.09.1988 as per GO(RT) No. 4495/88/Home Dated 06.09.1988 in Kaipparambu Grama Panchayat ward 8 Building No. 369-B. Total area of Police station jurisdiction is comprising of 9 Villages ( 4 Grama Panchayats – Kaipparambu, Adatt, Tholur & Avanur ). Police station Jurisdiction lies approximately 8.0 km surround to Police Station Building.The Police Station is situated approximately 500 meters away from AmalaCancer Institute & Amala Medical College Hospital. Station is situtated in Thrissur – Kunnamkulam Highway. Janamaithri Project is also functioning in Peramangalam Police station