Bedakam Police Station

Bedakam Police station is started function in the year 1972 vide GO (Rt. No. 713/72 Home dtd. 08.02.1972 which situated at Munnad in Munnad Village. The Present Police Building was opened on 11.11.1988 vide GO (Rt. No. 49821/88/Home dtd. 05.10.1988) Police station have possessed 1.92 Acres of Land in RS NO.779/10 in Munnad Village and 5 Acres of land in Bedakam Village. Janamaithri project started functioning in the year 2011. The police Station is boundered by Erinjipuzha in North, Moonamkadavu puzha in south, Karicheri puzha in west and Karnataka forest at manimoola in East. The police station jurisdiction is area is fully rural and consits of ups and downs The following educational institutions are functioning in bedakam police station area;       1. GUPS Kolathur

2. GLPS Kulathur

3. GHSS Kundamkuzhy,

4.GLPS Bedadka,

 5. GLPS Tharamthatta, . GLPS Cheripady,

 6. GLPS Vavadukkam, 7. GLPS Kundoochi,

8. GHSS Kuttikkole,

 9. GHSS Bethurpara 10. GLPS Thavanath 11. GHSS Banthadka, 12.GUPS Manadukkam 13. GLPS Manimoola, Govt Homeo Dispensary Padup,

 PH centre Bandadka, Govt Ayurveda Dispensary,

Bedakam are the hospitals in our area. Krishi Bhavan Kundamkuzhy, Govt Vetinary unit  kundamkuzhy, Bedaka Panchayath office, BSNL telephon Exchanges in Bandadka, Kuttikkole, Kundamkkuzhy, Fire Station Kuttikkole,  Range Excise office  Kuttikole, are th e important Govt offices. Holy PLaces:Eniyadi Makham at Bandadka,St.George Church at Padupp  Aamakkualam at Kairalippara, Panchalingeshwara  Temple at Kundamkuzhy, Shiva Temple at Velakkunnu, Subrahmanya Temple at Bandaka are the main holy places