Changaramkulam Crime Number Cr 328/2020 u/s 57 of KP Act Altered to 302, 364,120(B), 392, 201 r/w 34 IPC

The two  accused  after recieving an amount of Rs. 3 Lakh from the son of the complainant of this case, saying that they can give a panchaloha idol worth crores and when the son of complainant repeatedly demanded the idol because of the idol was not given and accused again demanded more 3 Lakh rupees, and complainant's son agreed the deal On 11.06.2020 at 21.00 hrs  the two accused kidnapped the son of complainant from Panthavoor in KL 52 K 7748 number swift car with intent to kill and commit robbery, taken to a rented quarters at Vattamkulam, after the murder looted 3 lakh ruppees and the body was tied in a sack and and thrown into a well at Pookkarathara, the clothes were hidden and distroyed evidence.     After  7 Months of Investigation changaramkulam Police arrested the two accused, and  the Body of the Diseased was found.