Changaramkulam PS crime 346/2022 U/s 420, 285 r/w 34 IPC & 3 & 7 of EC Act & 3, 4, 5,6 of LPG

18/06/2022 at 9.40 am at Chiyanthar Manjeri Parampil, in the shed owned by the first accused, the 2nd and 3rd accused were transferred from commercial cylinders for domestic use cylinders for do...

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Changaramkulam Crime Number Cr 328/2020 u/s 57 of KP Act Altered to 302, 364,120(B), 392, 201 r/w 34 IPC

The two  accused  after recieving an amount of Rs. 3 Lakh from the son of the complainant of this case, saying that they can give a panchaloha idol worth crores and when the son of complainant r...

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Changaramkulam Crime Number 459/2019 U/S 279,304 (A) IPC

  On 22.12.2019    at Naduvattam near Edappal ,  son of complainant's  sister  was seriously injured and died   by hitting a car driven by the ac...

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Changaramkulam Police station Crime Number Cr no: 348/19 U/S 380 R/W 34 IPC

  On 3.11.2019 someone committed theft of a golden bangle from  a dead body kept in Casuality room of Private Hospital Named Edappal Hospital Pvt Ltd . A crime case registred in this m...

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Changaramkulam PS FIR No. 449/2019 U/S 379 IPC (Ordinary Theft)

Brief of the Work

The Changaramkulam Police detected and arrested accused involved in Changaramkulam PS FIR No. 449/2019 U/S 379 IPC (Ordinary Theft Case). The case wa...

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