Hosdurg Police Station

History of Kanhangad reveals from the period of the Sangaham Dynasty and during the Sangham period the place was known as Poozhinadu. Later the area from Chithari River to Kariankode River was known as Paduvanadu under the King Perumal of Mahodayapuram Dynasty. After that during the declination, it was under the Muzhika dynasty; then it fell under Kolathiri dynasty and then Chirakkal Royal family. The maritime importance of Bekal increased much under the Kolathiris and it became an important port town of Tulunadu & Malabar. Then Vijayanagara King invaded and annexed this Kanhangad area along with Kumbla and Thulunad in AD 1345. Under Vijayanagara Empire this land flourished to its prosperity. The Battle of Talikota in AD 1565 marked the decline of Vijayanagara Empire, which led to many feudatory chieftains like Ikkeri Nayaks. Bekal served as a nucleus in establishing the dominance of the Nayaks in Malabar. The economic importance of the port town prompted the Nayaks to fortify Bekal subsequently. The Kanhangad Fort was reconstructed by King Soma Sekhara Naik. The workers who constructed these Forts were sheltered at Hosdurg and Kottacheri, and thus these names were derived. In AD 1763, Haidarali conquered Ikkeri Naik and captured this area and made a part of South Canara District up to AD 1792. Under the reign of Tippu Sultan, no changes were made in the possession of this land. Bekal served as an important military station of Tippu Sultan when he led the great military expedition to capture Malabar. Later according to the Sree Rangapattanam Pact, the fort became under the control of East India Company and formed Bekal Taluk of South Canara District of Bombay Presidency. South Canara became a part of the Madras presidency in 1799 and Kasaragod Taluk was made up in the place of Bekal Taluk. Gradually the political and economic importance of Bekal and its port declined considerably. After Independence, Kasaragod became the part of Kerala with the state reorganization in 1956 and Hosdurg Taluk came in force in the same year.

Hosdurg Police Station came into existence and opened in 1865. In this connection no government order is available in the police station at present. Hosdurg Police Station was functioning in the old building of Taluk Office and later it was shifted to the old Police Station building on 01.01.1962 as per G.O.(Rt)1133/41/D.Dept.Dtd 18.06.1960. The station was officially inaugurated by Sri. C.M. Gopalan, the then Deputy Inspector General of Police, Northern Range Kozhikode. The Police Station was shifted to the present building on 30.12.1988 as per G.O. No. 5112/88Home Dtd 11.10.1988.