Adhur Police Station

Adhur Police Station was an O.P under Kasaragod Police Station before 1953.  Adhur Police station opened as per GOMS No. 1179/ Home dated 19.04.1953.  A new Police Station Building was constructed at Adhur and inaugurated on 12.11.1982. Since the leakage of roof and unsafe condition of the new building, Police Station was shifted to old building on 10.06.1994. Now the Police Station is functioning in a new building which opened on 01.01.2007. At present, based on the Maoist attack, Station security Guard system is operated with SLR. In order to protect the station from Maoist attack, all fortification works including construction of compound wall, watch tower etc. are completed on 01.07.2017. The eastern boundary is at Panjikkal (Sullya PS), west at K.K Puram (Vidyanagar PS), North at Ishwaramangala (Sambia PS) and south at Erinhippuzha (Bedakam PS)

      A Child friendly space was built up at Adhur Police station and the same was inagurated on 14.11.2020